Our Team

We’re united by a passion for wellbeing and community building.

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Ruben Land Stanford Headshot.jpg

Ruben Land, Research and Design

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Raphael Harmel, Lead Senior Engineer

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Kimberly Greenberg, Business Development

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Lisa Auster-Gussman, Product Development

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Adriana Aneiva, Visual Director


Clara McCreery, Product Development

Key Contributors

Sumer Vaid, PhD Candidate in Communications, Media Psychology, Stanford University - Product Development, Personal Informatics


Yingzhao Liu, UI/UX Technical Advisor, Former Director of User Experience at LinkedIn

Ross Dakin, Chief Technical Advisor, Presidential Innovation Fellow, Senior Technology Advisor at Microsoft

Robert Kaplan, Former Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health for behavioral and social sciences

David Sobel, Former Medical Director of Patient Education and Health Promotion for Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Aneel Chima, Director of Wellness Education and the Flourishing Research Initiative at Stanford University

Russell Siegelman, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business

LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO & Founder of Leading in Motion

Jamal Nichols

Jamal Nichols, Lead Product Design